(a) Membership is open to ministers with a proven evangelistic calling and vision for unreached people groups who are recommended by a respected Christian pastor, minister or leader. New members may be proposed to the leaders for consideration by any associate evangelist.

(b) Ministers must be in agreement with the ACE Statement of Faith and the Goals of ACE.

(c) In addition to (a) and (b) above – to be accepted as an “associate evangelist” a candidate must have demonstrated in the field clear evidence of his/her evangelistic calling to one of the leaders of ACE. Decisions on membership will be at the sole discretion of the leaders.

(d) Membership may be terminated by the leaders if it is felt a minister is not living up to the Christian standards expected or it is felt that they are no longer in sympathy with the aims, objectives and goals of the association. Membership may also be terminated if it becomes apparent that the minister does not have the calling or gifting to be a campaign evangelist.