Richard Gunning was recently in Denmark where he recorded three evangelistic messages and an interview with Per Hyldgaard. These sermons will be broadcast across a large part of Asia. (see above left)

Richard Gunning, Hans Marin Skagestad, Simon Lundgren, and Peter Ek recently attended “The Unreached Conference” in bergen, Norway. They also led a workshop about campaign evangelism and the opportunities ACE offers. (see above right)

Daniel and Katrin Smenes recently led a team of young people to Tanzania.they have preached the gospel to many thousands of people in a campaign, village meetings and youth meetings. (see above left)

Daniel King recently led a great Gospel festival in Cambodia. (see above right)

Harald Mydland recently visited Ethiopia for a campaign and pastors conference, with Bjornar and Daniel Heimstad. (see above left)

Susan Hoover has recently begun a new series of broadcasts to Indonesia. (see above right)



ACE founder Richard Gunning has recently released a new book, “Evangelistic Sermons That Work!”
This is a great handbook for any evangelist, young or not so young.
It contains six of Richard’s well proven evangelistic messages, plus outline notes.
It also contains detailed advice about preparing and delivering evangelistic sermons.
There are also chapters on altar calls, working with an interpreter, praying for the sick and more.

The book is available on Amazon, just click on this link